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10 Commandments To Live By: An Intergalactic Guide

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Forgive yourself and have empathy for yourself as you are only human and have compassion. We often lose the ability to have empathy for ourselves that we extend to others. Tip, you can find a picture of your young happy self and look at that picture to connect to your self-empathy. Be kind as you are truly doing your best.

1. Give up Guilt

Stop letting guilt lead the way, say yes to everyone, and never take your needs into account. Then you regret your decision and resent the asker. If you find yourself in this situation, admit your error in saying yes and move forward. Try to say no more than yes or try saying no to everything for 24 hours.

2. Love life today

Spend today like it is your last day, and act accordingly. The interaction with the Barista at the coffee shop, a cashier at the store, or a friend or family member. Don’t be dramatic gloom and doom; just appreciate your life.

3. Create the stress-free living

When stress rears its ugly head, take a second and see where in your body you feel it, then really feel that feeling. Pay close attention to your physical feelings for 2 minutes and watch the stress disappear.

4. Eating for longevity

Get in touch with your body, not as a mean sister or critic. Really love yourself where you are and listen when you are hungry to what you need. Do not mindlessly eat or eat and drive. And to kickstart it stop all alcohol for 21 days.

5: Release Sadness

Sadness comes over us from time to time, nostalgia, loss of something, missing someone or something; however, you do not have to punish yourself or stay sad. When you feel the sadness in your chest, take a deep breath, feel your feet on the ground, and then take the time to locate each of your 10 toes. Watch your sadness disappear.

6. Ask your wisest, eldest self

You are your own best advice. Your oldest, wisest self is with you and can alert you to what is important in the situation and what you should pay attention to. Find yourself talking to yourself and see the solutions. (Note Please try this with the help of a trained professional or as guided by a life coach.)

7. Relationship mender

Repair broken connections today by really sitting in the conflict and asking the question: What am I really afraid of losing? What 1% of what the other person said is valid or true?
What are they afraid of under that concern? Watch the communication thrive.

8. Break free from stress

Is stress your best friend- only feeling alive if you constantly achieve the next big thing or sacrifice your sleep? Most Americans are addicted to stress and may suffer from constantly looking for the next big thing, restlessness. If so, please discover your 80/20 rule meaning 80% of things are good enough, and 20% need to be perfect. Find your balance.

9. Intimacy expertise

Career remedy, stop replacing relationships with work and start being vulnerable. If you are a high-achieving career-driven person that gets sh*t done and like things the way they are. Your control of the situation may overshadow the fact that people have a deep desire to be needed. When you can not help people in your work, family, and community, it makes you feel sad and worthless. If you do not ask others to help you, they are less likely to feel connected to you. It takes courage to ask for help, and that is a sign of vulnerability. Try it with those you love, and you will not have lasting intimacy and trust in a relationship.

10. Childlike Curiosity

Forgive yourself and have empathy for yourself, as you are only human. Spending time continually seeing the things we failed at or messed up leaves us feeling upset, anxious, or stressed. We often lose the ability to have the empathy for ourselves that we extend to others. Tip, you can find a picture of your younger self (age 5-12) and look at that picture to connect to your self-empathy. Look at that child; see the child still in you. Spend a day being as kind to that child as they deserve to be. Be kind to yourself, as you are truly doing your best.

For more information on how to connect to your best self, be happier, more productive, sleep peacefully, and live a truly happy life, reach out to me. I love to help people fall in love with their lives. See you soon and be kind to my friend! YOU!

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