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Eight things to stop doing TODAY!

Eight things to stop doing TODAY!

Being mindful and happy is a process, as you find that what you have is never enough and there is a need for something more. Something more or the grass is always greener mentality has created discord in our lives, relationships, and health. Overall, many of us are constantly saying these words “I’ll be happy when _____” fill in the blank.

  • I graduate

  • I get married

  • I find love

  • I have a baby

  • I get a promotion

  • I make more money

  • I get in shape

Or whatever yours is. Let me share these 8 ways to STOP negative self-talk.

  1. Stop saying, “I’m old” your body listens to your mind. Start saying kind things to yourself

***At your Birthday time each day, the month, and the day, say 1 minute of a kind and uplifting affirmations! For example, my birthday is September 18, so I do this at 9:18 AM and PM.”

  1. Stop getting mad at yourself for mistakes-Start, saying, “you are only human!”

Gently remind yourself you love yourself even when not perfect.

  1. Stop telling yourself you won’t succeed. Start telling yourself you already have.

  1. Stop feeling bad about the past. Start forgiving yourself every day. You can use this affirmation if it helps to write or say

“I am on a healing journey, every day, I become more authentically myself. I forgive myself for being imperfect and allow myself to live life in a calm loving way. “

  1. Stop listening to music that makes you sad and Start listening to music you like. Your energy reflects your emotions.

Make a shared playlist with family or friends on Spotify.

  1. Stop wasting time mindlessly worrying about things that could go wrong. Start looking at things from a different perspective and see the gifts past mistakes created in your life.

When I missed a deadline, I learned to pay more attention to time zones.

  1. Stop avoiding things you dislike doing and have to do.

Swallow the ugly frog first and do the thing that must be done first avoid dread all day long.

  1. Stop using your energy being angry at yourself. Take the time to stop every time you judge yourself or feel bad and ask yourself, “Would I say this to my best friend?” if the answer is NO, then STOP saying it to your beautiful self!

Yoga allows me to STOP doing things that destroy my mental self-talk, physical limitations, and body image and allows transformation in health and wellness!

Start your positive habits today and leave me a message about your experience, journey, or things that work for you. If you want to find out more about yoga and transformation, you can do so here at my

Yoga for All, 8-Week Fitness Blueprint for Healthy Transformation

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