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Don't Freak Out, Dad! 10 Simple rules to talk to your Teenager’s

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

How to connect to your teenager in an honest, open way with minimal eye rolling!

Let's be honest; divorced dads find themselves lost and wondering where they went wrong. As your life moves forward, of course, kids turn into teenagers. Here are ten simple rules to have a better relationship.

  1. Share a Spotify playlist.

  2. Ask them what they are listening to, share an airpod, or ask them to make you a playlist.

  3. Go to a concert they want to attend. Happily stand by them and do not go to the bar and hit on other single parents there or in the merchandise line.

  4. Stop making "teenager" jokes. Period! And talking to everyone about the times they messed up.

  5. Have honest conversations; stop dumbing it down for them.

  6. Read a book or watch a movie they love. Take a genuine interest in what they are interested in.

  7. Believe them. They have a stressful life they tell you about as is but do not justify why it was more challenging when you were young.

  8. Stop telling them how lucky they are to live in a house, have clothes, or a car. You had them, which are basic living requirements; you are not doing them a favor. It is the job!

  9. Remember, the money you pay in child support has NOTHING to do with the child, so do not discuss it around them. Equating your child to a financial burden or dollar amount only destroys confidence in you and feels like a price tag.

  10. Date discreetly and only introduce them to someone you are ready to commit to. You can date without your children being involved.

Dad, let's be honest, take the time to let go of the guilt of the divorce, and be the best dad you can be!

Stop wasting time and reconnect to your children today. The time that you waste cracks the foundations of your relationship. Decide to heal appropriately, interact intelligently, and honestly feel connection, love, and confidence with your children. One more day is too many. Start today! They need you and want you in their lives.

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