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A Thing or Too About Love

To all my Flawsome friends, let us remember the bestest most amazing thing about love. It is absolutely, free! That's. right, in this world of monetized advertised titles, the one of love does not cost a thing. The gamble that you take is only one and that is of your ego. For at the end of the day, one never regrets loving. So in honor of this Take No Shit Tuesday, I dare you to love yourself as no one else has. Dare to take most excellent care of your health, your heart, and your people. I would rather be known as a person that loved without fear. When you love someone, you love all their parts, not the ones that are easy- that is the job- Love yourself in spite of your flaws, or better yet because of them. For that is what makes you truly YOU! :)

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A Thing of 2 About Love

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