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A Thing or 2 About Love and Valentines

It is so odd to me that we only dedicate one day a year, to acknowledging and expressing love.

Valentine's Day, February 14, the folklore remains of St Valentine's bravery to marry out of love, which according to the movie, was illegal.? Nevertheless, what about expressing all the other love we have not just the romantic kind, which means if you are in between "ships" at this time, you can still fully participate in and have a HAPPY Valentine's Day!

Ground rules:

1. Be loving- and if you absolutely can not try to not be cruel.

2. Be kind- to yourself- my go-to is buying a box of chocolates and taking a bite out of each one, in

an Elle Woods tribute to heartbreak.

3. Keep the kindness of others and self remain as our new February 14th memories.

Manifest the love and happiness you desire by living a life you love.

Kindly hoping you all find and keep the love you deserve,


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