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A Thing or 2 About Love and Socks

Recently, I have had musical unlocked memories arising. If you are not familiar with the term unlocked memory, it is one that I borrow from my beautiful son. He explained the memory of unwrapping socks at Christmas time created his unlocked memory of something his dad always did and like my mom always told me socks and underwear are perfectly acceptable presents, and right she is!

My trip to see the incredible Stevie Nicks, at her Phoenix concert, unlocked memories of being 6 riding around with my uncle Bryan, with the windows down on a summer day, listening to the radio. I remember the feeling of complete happiness and Joy. Freedom, confidence, laughter, and the awareness of being completely in flow with the universe. As I heal my health, my heart, and my spirit I am called to remember this feeling of being in my alignment.

We all. know when we feel like we are in alignment with our lives. Things move effortlessly, as water moves around the ocean or lake, constant, flowing, in a natural state of give and take, notably without struggle or resistance. Graceful, peaceful, calm, and in alignment.

As Tony Robbins calls it Universal Life Force, so whatever your chosen language I do believe it is all the same feeling we are searching for. Fortunately and unfortunately the answers lie within. May we be a community of people living in alignment with our Joy. May today be the day we stop struggling against the flow of life and allow ourselves to give and receive love.



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