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A Thing of 2 About Love

Tuesday, January 16, 2024. as a new year emerges and we abandon or embrace ourselves. Deciding to love yourself may, arguably feel like the most selfish thing to do, especially if you are in a "ship", or are anothers person's parent or guardian, boss, or friend. When did saying No become so difficult? or is it that I never truly learned to say no? No to working extra hours, carrying extra bags, holding extra emotions, shopping online, eating, sleeping, or scrolling social media.

As a mom, I was never good at saying no. My mom summed it up the best, don't make a rule you can not follow through on. So I decided only to have 2 rules:

1. Be a good person.

2. Don't die (to the best of your ability.)

That being said, if you did not harm others or your physical self, you were in fact following my rules. The one BIG one that I overlooked is simply stated- I forgot to say to use these rules for self-love, too. Choosing yourself can mean many things to many people. Today, I encourage you to try and be 1% better. So I declare today is Take No Shit Tuesday! And that starts with the voice in your head- the nasty judge- constantly beating us up. Instead of fighting back, show love and compassion. Ground into your physical body, and feel your feet on the ground, your hand on the keyboard, or your breath rise and fall in your chest. Derail that neural pathway, stopping that pain train from wreaking havoc on our brains. Do not judge yourself, for this is a well-worn pathway, that most likely you did not even know occurred. So today, take no shit from yourself 1% more than yesterday. And be a good person to yourself. Love, appreciate, hug, high-five, or dance. For the thing about love is, it never runs out. It always exists, and even when you can't see it is there.

Have a good Tuesday- and remember to love yourself.



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